Antonio Lucio talking about coworking in Spanish Media.
14 August 2013 - Impact Hub

The HUB has a new advocate in Spanish media! Antonio Lucio, a member of HUB Islington, has been interviewed for a national Spanish radio programme (“Abierto al Amanecer” on Cadena Ser) to speak about coworking. Who better than a member of world’s first HUB to talk about this subject? For those whose Spanish is a little basic, here is a summary.
Although most people think that the United States is the country with the most coworking spaces (with 684 at last count), it has been surpassed by Europe, which now has 729! The friendly environment and having the opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds and make connections is the main quality that differentiates coworking spaces from traditional offices.
The radio programme defined the HUB as a mix of coffee shop and office; people work very hard but at the same they can chat with coworkers. But is this sociability an obstacle to concentration? No way! Coworking spaces are spaces to WORK, but we can make working more pleasant by creating a community to chat, meet, learn… People share ideas about new businesses with confidence, there’s no fear of having ideas stolen; on the contrary, people want to share them to get feedback.
They also shared some advice from Deskmag, an online magazine about coworking on improving daily life in a hub. You might want to give them a go: drink more water and less coffee, have a massage, go for a walk, sahre a bag of nutritious snacks and take a nap. We can already imagine our members taking a nap in our library…
The main advantage of coworking spaces is that the community boosts your confidence and helps you achieve your goals. When you don’t know what to do or how to solve a problem, you have members willing to lend a hand. This is the key point about coworking spaces, we are not just a group of people or a team; we are a COMMUNITY.
Thanks Antonio for sharing your experience about the HUB. Hope we could do the same for you when you need!