How can we most effectively communicate climate change for the best results?
15 August 2013 - Impact Hub

In the battle against climate change, we’re facing a lot of obstacles.

One of them is simply communication: there’s been much debate but a lack of engagement, empathy and measured discussion. The immediate stereotyping of anyone with a sceptical viewpoint as a ‘denier’ is a clear demonstration of this.

We’re all familiar with the endless debates about the science, politics and economics; now its time to come down from the barricades, and involve ourselves in the discussions needed to engage people from every viewpoint. Its crucial to learn what tools are needed for more effective communication, not just about how we deliver information but also how to respond to views and opinions that may conflict with our own.

People who appear sceptical about climate change may not actually be sceptical about the science, but are simply not internally motivated to take action. This can happen to all of us, on a number of issues.

Changing the way we communicate is a gradual change in our mindset; it could involve taking a step back, placing yourself in someone else’s shoes and trying to consider factors you never needed to before. It might not always feel comfortable, but the end result will be a wider perspective on an issue that’s important to you.

To engage further with the discussion and hear from an exciting variety of experts on this issue, come along to our event on 29th August ‘Tackling scepticism: How can we most effectively communicate climate change?’