Why we need Hub Youth Academy now
18 November 2013 - Impact Hub

As a student studying law at the heart of London, I wanted to take advantage of all that this city has to offer to its students. However, it was surprisingly difficult to find something that was both intellectually stimulating and allowed me to contribute to worthwhile causes.
It was mere luck that I found myself at a conference in Oxford at the start of the academic year, surrounded by inspiring individuals who all seemed to love what they do. The more I spoke to them about it, the more the idea of the “social entrepreneur” – the term they used to describe themselves – appealed to me. When I walked back into university the following week I became vibrantly involved in my university’s Social Enterprise Society.
What I found difficult, however, was explaining to my friends and family what it was that I was doing in my spare time. I soon realized that once I managed to explain what it was, social enterprise was very much the type of extra curricular activity my friends were interested in getting involved with. It was with this realization that the idea of creating a programme that allows ambitious, motivated, and socially conscious youth like them to enter the social enterprise sector emerged.
As I then became involved with Impact HUB, the success of the “Discover Social Enterprise: Forge Your Own Path After University” event became further proof of the frustration experienced by youth today, when looking to get involved with worthwhile causes. The event took the form of a conversation between four young entrepreneurs who have successfully made their way in the world of social enterprise, and a room full of eager youth looking to find out how to do the same.
“How can we enter the social enterprise sector and use our strengths to provide solutions to the world’s most pressing problems?”
“What exactly are the skills that would be most valuable if we want to set up or be involved with a social enterprise?”
Those were two main questions asked by the attendees. HUB Youth Academy became the answer. The two-week immersive programme will aim to provide a solution to precisely these questions.
It will offer participants a comprehensive overview of the social enterprise sector, provide them with a skills portfolio, expose them to an array of valuable skills to bring to the sector and a basic knowledge of these skills through active workshops, and then help them to develop an engagement strategy that would help them to pursue a career in the social enterprise sector.
So watch this space, because Hub Youth Academy is here to INFORM TO IMPACT!
Written by Kristy Petkova, Co-founder Hub Youth Academy. @k_petkova