Out now: Independents Unite! Inside the Freelancers Rights Movement
18 December 2013 - Impact Hub

You might remember Joel Dullroy from our Fifty Days of Freelancing campaign in July and August this year, when he spoke passionately and eloquent to Impact Hub Islington members about the burgeoning freelancers rights movement. Now he has published a book on the subject, Independents Unite! Inside the Freelancers Rights Movement. And the best bit? You can download it for free here.
A bit about the book…
Around the world, independent workers are getting organized. No longer an ignorable minority in society, freelancers are waking up to the potential power within their growing number. They are combining through online communities, campaign groups, incorporated associations and even proto-unions to exert influence over their conditions.
Independents Unite! Inside the Freelancers Rights Movement, by Joel Dullroy and Anna Cashman, introduces the concept of the collective empowerment of freelancers. The book provides an overview of the existing elements of the freelancers’ movement, with comparisons of the organizations and campaigns currently at work and the goals they are striving to achieve. It lays out the conditions which have led to the growth of the freelancing workforce to show how the current situation has been purposefully created through political decisions, and can therefore be altered and improved by the same means.
With a foundational text in place, critical discussions on the topic of independent worker rights can continue to develop, in symbiosis with the freelancers’ movement itself.