Good Business: Greta Rossi, Akasha Innovation
14 January 2014 - Impact Hub

Each month, the Good Business column from Positive News catches up with people who are leading social change. It’s hosted by Impact Hub Islington, an incubation space in London for socially minded entrepreneurs.
Nicola Slawson finds out how sustainability expert Greta Rossi is helping people to learn from nature and neuroscience in order to do better business

Here’s an excerpt, you can read the full article here:

Nicola: Greta, can you sum up your business in a nutshell?
Greta: Our mission is simple: we offer individuals and organisations a knowledge ecosystem that empowers them to ‘see the world anew’ and which supports their creation of social and environmental value. We have a number of academics and professionals that help our clients understand their full im-pact on people and planet and then support their transformation in becoming truly sustainable. We call this process sustainability+.
What approaches do you use?

Biomimicry is part of the approach we use. Biomimicry explores how nature works and how we can take advantage of nature’s lessons to solve our problems. For example, we adopted the lesson from nature that an ecosystem thrives when we’re diverse and collaborative when building our own knowledge ecosystem. We’re also using concepts from neuroscience. We look at how complex new pathways can be connected and traced.
These are the two main approaches that we are using for our model. It’s quite fascinating to see them work. You’d be surprised by how easy some of the principles are and how often it’s just common sense. But if it works in nature, why can’t it work in business?
What kind of clients do you work with?
Each organisation can create its own path toward sustainability+ and we will support them throughout the journey. Our approach is quite loose and we maintain flexibility, so it allows us to personalise our services for both profit and non-profit organisations. We’re open to working with anyone.
What other projects are you currently working on?
We have quite a few at the moment, which is exciting. The biggest one we are building at present is the Chrysalis Changemakers Program, which is actually part of our core business. It’s a 12-week training course based on experiential learning. It will prepare students and graduates to become active changemakers and work with us to support our progress towards sustainabil-ity+.

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