Impact Hub Fellowship for Longer Lives
20 January 2014 - Impact Hub

The Impact Hub Fellowship for Longer Lives is kicking off its London scheme this month and is calling for submissions from entrepreneurs to address the challenges of the increase in human life expectancy, falling birthrates and an ageing workforce.


The focus of the new Fellowship programme will be to create innovative solutions to the challenges and opportunities presented by an ageing society. Participants can pitch their ideas to win over £30,000 of start-up support.
In the 2014 Impact Hub Fellowship for Longer Lives, aspiring entrepreneurs can win essential support to launch and accelerate an ambitious organisation with sustainable impact. Impact Hub King’s Cross, AXA and Swiss Re Foundation are looking for ambitious, purpose-driven  entrepreneurs,  who  aim  to  revolutionise  the  status quo and who find  that  collaboration  is  the  most  powerful  tool  to  generate  positive  impact. 


Awards will be made to initiatives that offer scalable  solutions in the form  of  products  or  services  that  enable  changes  in  practice  or  behaviour  in  one  or  several  of  the  following   aspects:
• Organisation  of  family  life
• Education  system
• Corporate  economic  life
• Public  services


The  number  and  proportion  of  elderly  people  has   been growing  faster  than  ever  in  most  developed  and  developing  countries.  This  gives  rise  to  very  significant  economic, social  and  educational  challenges,  but also to many opportunities.


  • Financial support of £22,000 (a 12 month living stipend of £1000 per month, plus one-time seed-funding of £10,000)
  • 1 year Impact Hub Unlimited Membership: full time access to the creative space at Impact Hub King’s Cross (value £5,616)
  • Networking support from Impact Hub King’s Cross, AXA and Swiss Re Foundation: access to investors, partners, supporters, peer-entrepreneurs, media, and many more…
  • 1 year start-up support including a dedicated coach, education, expert support, exposure and access to talent (value approx. £3,000