EU Freelancers Movement Launches!
6 February 2014 - Impact Hub

Impact Hub Islington has partnered with the EU Freelancers Movement to support the freelancing community and their rights across Europe.

Learn more about their campaign, launched here.


We’re building a movement of freelancers across Europe.

Why? Because we need a common voice to get politicians to start listening to our concerns. Alone, we’re ignorable. Together, we’re powerful!
To start the movement, we need a campaign website where independent workers can join in by signing a freelancers manifesto. We’ll present the signed manifesto to politicians in Brussels ahead of the European Parliamentary elections in May.
You can become one of the founders of the movement. Donate today. We’ll use your money to build the campaign website, host launch events across Europe, and lobby politicians.

The campaign
Freelancers need a stronger voice across Europe, especially in Brussels. That’s why we’re running a campaign now, ahead of the European Parliament elections in May 2014. The campaign will include:

We’ve already done a lot of work, but there’s more to do!

Who are the EU Freelancers Movement?
We are a group of freelancers committed to improving the condition of independent workers. We are offering our time and energy to make a difference.
Campaign manager: Joel Dullroy // Graphic designer: Paulo Melo // Website developer: Philipp Hentschell // Strategy: Rahul Schwenke // Video: Julianne Becker
Campaign volunteers: Jeremy Richter, Maisie Hitchcock, Richard G. and many more!

The campaign is on behalf of regional and national freelancers’ organizations, which come together under the banner of the European Forum of Independent Professionals.