The Brainy Brunch: gender and sexuality
10 March 2014 - Impact Hub

Are our genders fixed or fluid? Nature or nurture?
What does it mean to be a man or a woman?
How do cartoons and toys influence children’s identities?
Last Saturday was UN International Women’s Day, and so the Brainy Brunch returned with gender on the agenda. Over twenty people gathered in the Hub on a beautifully sunny Sunday for a morning of banter and bagels.
As usual, the conversation managed to tackle some hard-hitting topics, including the objectification of women, the influence of porn on our sex lives and men’s identity crises, while maintaining that laid-back, happy Sunday feeling.

This month, the chief curator was Brainy Brunch newcomer Serena Gianoglio, who is a Masters student in Gender Studies at SOAS. Along with regular brunchers Marta and Paola, she introduced us to a diverse selection of videos and talks, including a Belgian music video and a TED talk on a campaign called ‘Make love, not porn’!

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Here’s the list of videos we watched for those of you who missed the brunch or want to watch them again…

  1. Riley on Marketing
  2. Disney cartoons Gender representations (documentary)
  3. Is Anatomy destiny? (TED talk)
  4. Stromae: Tous les memes (music video)
  5. Oppressed Majority (French short film)
  6. Gender Neutral Parenting (documentary)
  7. Cindy Gallop: Make Love Not Porn (TED)
And here are a few pics from the event: