Good Business: Claudia Roth, ConsciousLab
25 March 2014 - Impact Hub

Each fortnight, the Good Business column from Positive News catches up with people who are leading social change. It’s hosted by Impact Hub Islington, an incubation space in London for socially minded entrepreneurs.

Does a fast-paced, cut-throat business environment lend itself to inner awareness? Nicola Slawson talks to Claudia Roth, co-founder of ConsciousLab, an initiative to raise consciousness in business

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Nicola: Hi Claudia, tell us about ConsciousLab
Claudia: ConsciousLab is a platform to raise consciousness in business. We organise events and workshops as well as trips to India called Adventures to Consciousness. It’s an initiative that’s different to many others – we’re not here to make money.
ConsciousLab is in London and, in October last year, we started our activities in Geneva, Switzerland – the heart of business. We are also open to doing things in other parts of England if the demand is there.
What do you mean by consciousness and why is it important?
The concept of consciousness is difficult. For me, it’s awareness. Once you are aware of who you are and how you interact with other people, then you have choices to make. It’s about empowering yourself through creating awareness to take conscious choices in life and in business.
If you are stressed, decisions you take will be different than if you are conscious. When you are conscious of yourself and your environment, your decisions are so much more powerful because you’re not taking them from a place of ego, distraction or stress.
Emotions are so powerful. We very often take decisions from a place of emotion and it can actually have a negative impact on business. Being conscious helps you take decisions with a clean mind. Your judgment is less clouded.
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