Solve: The Evolution of Hub Launchpad
2 April 2014 - Impact Hub

From the Solve Team (formally Hub Launchpad):

Hub Launchpad has evolved from its beta stage.  We’ve learnt a lot and we’re going to be looking a little bit different from now on.  We’re really proud of the process we’ve been building, and hope you like it, and how we’re now talking about it.


We’re Solve. We help people solve problems that matter.

Solve was born out of Impact Hub Westminster in London. We were inspired by organisations such as Village Capital, Creative Commons, Acumen Fund and Y Combinator in the US as well as Bethnal Green Ventures, UnLtd, Big Issue Invest and Impact Hub Westminster in the UK. Learning from their work, a ‘beta’ organisation – called Hub Launchpad – designed an initial methodology and model.

The first ‘Launchpad’ has been built around the theme of public services and is being delivered in partnership with FutureGov. A great deal of evaluation and learning is going on alongside the first ‘Launchpad’ and using the knowledge and confidence in the methodology and model that had been developed, the decision to move out of our ‘beta’ phase was taken. And that’s where Solve comes in.

The Solve Model – solve as a verb, not a noun

The Solve Model is what we call our distinct approach to our work.

At our core we work with individual entrepreneurs and their teams, as well as with intrapreneurs from corporates and local authorities to develop great businesses, products and services. We build Foundries because we do more than just accelerate. We forge new ways of working and new markets.

Our Foundries  are built for system change – to build rich and diverse markets, thriving small business ecosystems, and open, ethical supply chains. We root our work in the communities in which we work, always collaborating with local and domain expert partners to deliver maximum impact.

Our model enables us to play the role of market builder and shaper in a powerful and distinctive way. Our non-profit, ‘evergreen’ fund approach means that investment is continually recycled over a period of up to ten years from the initial investment in a Solve Foundry.

And just in case you’re wondering: Solve isn’t about thinking every problem is inherently simple and has a simple solution. Instead, it is about being ambitious for the level of social impact we want the teams we invest in to bring about.

Michelangelo said it far more elegantly: “The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.” And so we’re happy to be backing people who set out to solve problems that matter.

To read more about our philosophy, our investment model and our story take a look at We’ve written a manifesto, and would love your feedback and thoughts. We’re a growing community, and we’ve kept a space for you.

Dom, Alison, Daniel & the Solve team