Swap ‘Til You Drop
6 May 2014 - Impact Hub

Impact Hub Islington Shares The Love For Clothes

Can you remember the good old times when you would wear your Superman T-shirt and feel awesome? What happened to it? Is it still hiding somewhere in your closet under a pile of countless old T-shirts; is it all packed up in a box in your roof; or has it been thrown away?

We treat clothes the same way we treat the majority of things we possess: we buy them, we use them for a little while, and then we dispose of them to buy new ones. We apply a very linear approach to all this ‘stuff’. However, clothes are more than just ‘stuff’, they very much reflect part of our identity to the rest of the world: the clothes we wear have a lot to say about our personality, beliefs and values. Could you imagine changing your identity every season to follow the new trends? That would be not only extremely stressful, but also unsustainable! We acknowledge that our identity is not fixed, but that does not mean that we create a new one to completely throw away the old one. So why should we act differently with our clothes?

At Impact Hub Islington we are all about sharing. We share the resources of our cosy attic co-working space; we share our tasty meals every Thursday during Sexy Salad; and we share a genuine commitment to creating positive value for people and planet. So why not expand our love to clothes and share them?

Swap ‘Til You Drop is coming to Impact Hub Islington on Thursday, May 22nd at 5pm! Join us for a fun afternoon dedicated to re-loving our pre-loved clothes and enriching our closets with unique items! And before you jump off your chair out of excitement, here are ten reasons (adapted from The SWAP Team) why you should swap* instead of shop and join us on May 22nd.

10 reasons to swap instead of shop:

  1. Swapping saves you a lot of money and stress from having to fight with needy shoppers on Oxford Street!
  2. Swapping saves natural resources and promotes a non-linear approach to the economy (if you are intrigued, Google terms such as ‘circular economy’ or ‘sharing economy’).
  3. Swapping helps keep clothing out of our landfills.
  4. Swapping reduces our exposure to toxic chemicals.
  5. Swapping benefits our local community; we will donate unwanted clothes to Oxfam on Upper Street to that more people can re-love our clothes.
  6. Swapping is a global party! There will be drinks and nibbles to lift up your spirits and a lot of chatty people looking forward to seeing you doing the catwalk with your re-loved clothes!
  7. Swapping always fits any taste!
  8. Did anyone tell you that swapping equals sharing and sharing equals caring?
  9. Swapping makes your wardrobe more unique – that is just fact.
  10. Do you need another reason? Come along on May 22nd and swap ‘til your drop! But before that, make sure to read the simple rules to participate.

Sign up here and drop off your pre-loved clothes at the Hosts desk from Monday, May 19th until 4pm on Thursday, May 22nd.

RSVP: https://hubclothesswap.eventbrite.co.uk

See you all on May 22nd!


Sustainability Member Host

*Or swish, for all our British Hubbers and those who remember Hub member Futerra, which is now one of the leading sustainable PR agencies and organiser of many swishing parties.