Car sharing with Zipcar
20 June 2014 - Impact Hub

Car-sharing is a great way of getting wheels without the cost of owning a car (to your bank balance or the environment!)

That’s why this year, we’re teaming up with Zipcar again to offer HUB members a free one year business account (normally £99) plus a free driver.
Unlike car pools there are no risks or fixed costs. Rates start at £4.79 an hour for cars and £8.13 an hour for vans and include 60 miles of fuel, insurance and the congestion charge. There are Zipcars located all across London so you can pick up a car from near to your office or where you live.
To sign up visit or call 020 3004 7816. You can be in a car or van near you on the same day!
*all rates exclude VAT

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