Epic Brum – Making Impact Hub Birmingham a Reality
4 December 2014 - Impact Hub

At Impact Hub Birmingham, we want to transform the environment in which we work, the way in which we collaborate and the city in which we live. As a team, we’re passionate about social change in Birmingham, our burgeoning landscape and the many innovative movements that are gaining audible momentum here. Whilst we couldn’t feel prouder of each initiative, we believe in the need for greater collaboration and the pooling of our talent to achieve our full potential. Following the contagious energy of events such as TEDxBrum and City of Colours, we couldn’t help but feel that what Birmingham really needs is a platform that can capture and support this level of imaginative collaboration every single day. A melting pot of ideas, Impact Hub Birmingham will be home to talent from a variety of sectors, a space where knowledge can be freely shared, independent ventures genuinely supported and a communal vision for positive social change actively realised – day in, day out. After months of scouring high and low we’ve been lucky enough to find everything we were possibly hoping for at our dream location. Nestled in an area steeped in Brum’s history, we are beyond excited to be joining the inspiring neighbourhood of Digbeth this January. Amidst high ceilings, bright, open spaces and a stimulating atmosphere, we’re committed to creating a world class collaborative workspace where organisations, businesses and our community at large can join forces and thrive. With flexible memberships to suit our members, engaging events, workshops and the smoothest of coffee – Impact Hub Birmingham will celebrate the very diversity and warmth for which Brum and our Brummies are known.

We know that a combination of innovation, collaboration and work that results in positive social impact is the key to taking Birmingham forward. At present, whilst innovation is expanding within each sector in Birmingham, collaboration between each sector remains low. At the micro level, despite leaps and bounds in our progress, there remains a disconnect between our entrepreneurial sectors and social entrepreneurs, our freelancers and our institutions. As cross-sector collaboration proves crucial to building a social innovation ecosystem, it has become clear that what Birmingham needs is an inspiring platform to spark this dialogue and to facilitate budding partnerships. As a home away from home to hundreds of passionate individuals from different backgrounds, Impact Hub Birmingham is committed to bridging the current gap between cross-sector innovation, bolstering our growing market and creating tangible social impact.


We have signed the lease on a stunning Grade II listed building in Digbeth, Birmingham. There will be 6,000 sq. ft of collaborative workspace, events space, cafe and meeting rooms.

For our team, joining the dots and building valued relationships will always rely on the hub being welcoming and accessible to our wider community. Hosting, curating and opening our premises to a range of thought-provoking events and interactive activities that engage with our broader network will be a vital part of all that we do. This is incredibly important to our team, as it was through collaboration at such events that we grew to fully appreciate the magic that collective diversity can produce and that our vision of the Hub was born.


Whilst building a Hub in Birmingham – with Birmingham – for Birmingham is our primary objective, Impact Hub Birmingham will be at the heart of a dynamic international community spanning 5 continents, with over 9000 members at nearing 60 independent Hubs. From Prague to Tokyo, Melbourne to Zagreb, being a unique member of an inspiring global network who share the same vision for collaboration and social change is a privilege. Not only will it help foster international partnerships and valuable insight that further benefits our city, Impact Hub will succeed in putting Epic Brum firmly on the map.

Since our in our inception in 2013 have hustled hard to build the Hub from scratch. We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved in the past 18 months, and more broadly, the last 4 years which have proved crucial in raising the profile of TEDxBrum and bringing so many like-minded people together. Whilst we’d be joining the Impact Hub Association (our initiative application is in), each Hub is it’s own independent entity and start-up united by a shared vision. Aside from a small grant from UnLtd covering some of our very core costs, we have invested everything we have – both personally and financially – to get our Hub off the ground. With the majority of our team having left their jobs to focus all their efforts on the hub, it’s taken dogged determination to overcome inevitable setbacks and arrive at a place we have fought hard to be.
We’re incredibly proud and beyond excited to be here and even more delighted to be able to share our final steps with you! With the money we raise, we will be able to fit out a state of the art space with the most inspiring work and event space possible. We will also build the infrastructure necessary to make our platform a sustainable business with tangible, lasting impact. Over the years we have shown a deep commitment and love for Birmingham and its people. We believe wholeheartedly that our city has all the talent and potential it needs right on it’s doorstep. We feel the time is ripe for us to ask for your support in making EpicBrum, a united and prosperous city, our everyday reality. We may not have all the answers, but we know together it will be possible and our ambition fits the challenges ahead.
The money is for one thing and one thing only, we need to fit out the space and provide world class facilities for the vision to happen. You won’t be paying for salaries or lining peoples pockets, see our risks and challenges for an in depth explanation, or reach out to us to know more precise details.
We have a vision, a team, a space, a growing community, a business plan and now we need you to help us open the doors in January 2015. Lets do this Birmingham!
Support our friends over at Impact Hub Birmingham by donating to their Kickstarter, running until January 10th 2015: http://kck.st/1yUOMOZ