Making an Impact: Akasha's Young Pioneers
2 February 2015 - Impact Hub

Making an Impact: Akasha’s Young Pioneers

Akasha Pioneers

From left to right: Jia Wen Chong, Maria-Stephanie Julian Santana, Nunu Ngoasheng, Tori Handsley, Sasha Gaitri Jattansingh, Myrto Lalacos, Stephan Hürholz, Korina Mitrova, Chris Baird, Floree Zama-Neagra, Ruiqi Zeng, Florian Rutsch, Dr. Mike Edwards, Dr. Mark Spokes, and Greta Rossi.
Akasha’s Young Pioneers Program engages young people and graduates, aged between 18 – 30, through a transformative learning environment that blends educational, practical and project based learning to empower the Sustainability Leaders of tomorrow.
The Young Pioneers Programme was hosted at Impact Hub Islington, allowing the twelve-strong team of Young Pioneers to develop and grow their own sustainability leadership abilities in an inspiring space for social entrepreneurs.

“I loved the spaces, they were very warm and in the ‘real’ world! Being at Impact Hub Islington brought good vibes and King Henry’s Walk Garden made me reflect on the importance of finding and appreciating wild spaces, especially in the city.”

The Akasha Innovation Team – led by stalwart Impact Hub member, Greta Rossi – have published a vibrantly eye-catching impact report to capture the developments, successes and outcomes of the Young Pioneers program.
Zoom in on the report:
If you want to hear more about the experience of the Young Pioneers, we recommend you read their guest blogs for and video-interviews with Ākāśa Innovation.
“Seeing the world anew” by Sasha Jattansingh.
“Past, Present, Future” by Jia Wen Chong.
Chris Baird on the Ākāśa values.
Stephan Hürholz on collaboration.
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