Raise Impact: Crowdfunding Accelerator
12 March 2015 - Impact Hub

Launch of Raise Impact: Crowdfunding Accelerator

Raise Impact Crowdfunding Accelerator from Julia Groves on Vimeo.
Impact Hub Westminster are really excited to present Raise Impact, their brand new programme for Spring 2015! Raise Impact is a unique crowdfunding accelerator that will deliver a support service for entrepreneurs and SMEs seeking to raise investment via crowdfunding.
One of the biggest challenges facing entrepreneurs today is access to funding. Traditionally, financing a business or project involved raising large sums from a small group of investors. Crowdfunding has revolutionised this approach, harnessing the power of community and the internet to enable SMEs and entrepreneurs to showcase their businesses and projects to a vast pool of potential funders, be that thousands, and in some cases, millions of people.
We are working with some fantastic organisations, including the UK Crowdfunding Association, to help SMEs to master crowdfunding through three rounds of free, expert-led classes, covering the following areas:

  • Marketing and PR Campaign
  • Creation & Logistics
  • Deal Structuring
  • Pitching

The successful applicants will then understand how to prepare for and refine their offer, how to execute their campaign, and what life after crowdfunding looks like.
Campaign-ready SMEs can also expect to receive one-to-one support in areas such as video production and business mentoring.

To top it off, apply for our April cohort by Monday 16th March, to be entered into Ben & Jerry’s Join Our Core competition, who with their partners Ashoka are selecting two ventures to win:

  • 20% top-up of your crowdfunding target up to a maximum of €10,000!
  • Promotion of your crowdfunding campaign to Ben & Jerry’s fans, including a press conference with their co-founder Jerry
  • Expert mentoring from Unilever and a trip of a lifetime to Ben & Jerry’s HQ in Vermont, USA

For more details on Raise Impact, click here.