New General Manager: Annette Dhami
20 March 2015 - Impact Hub

New General Manager: Annette Dhami

You’ve been around the Hub for a while tap-tap-tapping on your computer – isn’t it high time you introduced yourself?
Too right! Hey everyone, I’m Annette, the new General Manager at both Impact Hub Islington and Brixton.
And why are you here again?
I’m here to complete finance-y things for the Hubs, such as bookkeeping, cash flow management and ensuring the pennies get paid! I’m also managing the teams across the the two Hubs and supporting them to be their awesome selves. I’m working on marketing to get great new members on board, building monitoring systems and writing reports so that we can tell people about what we’ve achieved, and working on our strategies and plan so that we can do more and better things in the future. You’ve been keeping me busy I tell you! Wouldn’t change it for a thing.
Great – we’re glad to have somebody checking the pennies! So where’ve they dragged you in from?
I’m originally from a small village in Cornwall but have lived around and about, including two years in Latin America and a few years in a rural development social enterprise in India (where I met my husband, but that’s a story for a rainy day!) and the last three years in the lovely Manchester for an awesome social enterprise called FranchisingWorks. I’m in love for social businesses so for me the Hub bunch is rather awesome.
Nice! So you’re new to London?
Pretty much! I’ve moved to Hackney and so far it’s a blast. I’m still getting used to the morning Tube push (wow!) but I am trying my best to explore around. I’ve been to Rabble in Finsbury Park which was immense, and I can’t wait to go on a Hidden City tour soon. Any further suggestions for London fun welcomed!
How can we get to know you more?
I work in Impact Hub Islington normally on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and some Mondays, so unfortunately I normally miss sexy salad and wine @ 5 on Thurs and Fridays (there must be a conspiracy on that  – I definitely drew the short straw!) but I’m  an eternally up for after-work drinks, food (I like food) or evening events!
Want to talk finance, strategy or team? Drop Annette a line [email protected]