Guess what? You’re helping reduce water consumption
24 March 2015 - Impact Hub

Guess what? You’re helping reduce water consumption

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WooWoo has installed a prototype sonar toilet monitoring monitoring system at Impact Hub Islington. By using the toilets at Impact Hub Islington, you’re helping WooWoo improve our occupancy tracking sonar sensor.


The sonar sensor measures the distance of objects in a similar way to a bat using echolocation. It’s not a camera and can’t see anything!

  • We are building a toilet monitoring system for WooWoo’s eco toilets.
  • We need to know how many people use the waterless toilets in orderto analyse how well they work in different locations.
  • By measuring distance we can calculate how many people have usedthe toilet to help us improve the toilets in the future.
  • Don’t worry the data we receive is just measurements of distance,therefore completely anonymous. A sample of the data below:

PS in case you want to verify the sensor being what we told you, here’s a link:
The WooWoo team welcome all feedback, get in touch with [email protected]!
Thanks from Alecs, James and Joel 🙂
WooWoo Team