'Driving' the Sharing Economy with DriveNow
1 April 2015 - Impact Hub

‘Driving’ the Sharing Economy with DriveNow

DriveNow is visible evidence of the shared economy in action on our streets. Since launching in 2011, our expansion across Europe and North America has been driven by understanding how individuals want to travel in cities with economy and efficiency.
In 2015, Londoners want all the benefits of access to a car. Yet car ownership is often expensive, onerous and increasingly unnecessary in a city environment. The growth of the shared economy has led us to reassess our relationship with the idea of “possessions” and this has allowed the discussion around on-demand usage and sustainability to rise up the agenda.
The DriveNow service offers customers in eight global cities unrivalled flexibility and spontaneity. Our location-less model allows users to find vehicles via a smartphone app, pay by the minute and park in any residential parking area. Find it, Drive it, Drop it.
Car sharing services such as DriveNow will actively interact with the city’s existing mobility mix – we see the service complementing rather than competing with London public transport as we both contribute to the increasingly urgent challenge of freeing up the city’s streets and improving emission levels and the efficiency of the transport system.
DriveNow has 400,000 customers globally and we started in three London boroughs in December 2014. In the past three months, we have registered over 10,000 customers and recently expanded into a fourth London borough, Waltham Forest. We are hugely encouraged by our progress across the capital and want to continue to innovate and improve our service for Londoners and London.

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