Akasha Innovation: Daring to Dream
3 April 2015 - Impact Hub

Akasha Innovation: Daring to Dream

On March 21st, Impact Hub Islington members and Community Partners, Akasha Innovation, held a workshop with Nicola Sokell on the story of the Dreamcoat. Original blog written by Greta Rossi and posted on Akasha Innovation’s website.

I am discovering the rewards for letting go of the fears that fill the vast space between dreams and reality. I have long dreamed of creating a home to support changemakers in making their unique contributions to creating a better world. I caught another glimpse of this dream becoming reality last week, as Ākāśa Innovation hosted an event with Nicola Sokell and her travelling dreamcoat. A refreshing energy filled Impact Hub Islington on a quiet Saturday morning as a dozen people gathered to explore their own dreams and share them with strangers.
The first steps to turning my dreams into reality were the hardest to take. I dared not take the unconventional path that offered happiness. Others convinced me to take a mainstream career that promised stability instead. I struggled to please others and gain their acceptance while ignoring the call of an inner voice, in spite of the alienation and loneliness that loomed on the horizon.
I made the decision to start out on my own path two years ago. A new voice pierced through the noise of the others. There was no need to shout. It was simply a quiet invitation to share my dream with a promise to just listen. An energy that I had contained for so long began to flow and cleared the fog that blocked my mind and the way ahead. I discovered a new sense of responsibility to begin a journey that would turn my dream into reality.
Anxiety soon returned to overpower this new positive state of mind. The possibility of radical change raised old fears of instability, insecurity and isolation that had kept me protected but sheltered from a life worth living. But now I could no longer close my eyes and ignore the dream I had envisioned.
Each step I take is a stride into the unknown. The dream grows stronger and the urgency to manifest it grows with each of these strides. But I also sense a deeper change within. The commitment to my dream and the appreciation for the journey towards making it a reality have created a healing relationship between myself and nature, which is so eloquently described by Dr. Mick Collins. Following my dream has not just changed the way I attend to the world, but also my understanding of the deeper mysteries of life.
In letting go of fears and letting my dream be a source of inspiration, I have become more courageous in stepping out into the world. And in return, my dream is coming to life: we have set the foundations of our home and Ākāśa Innovation is growing as a community of changemakers to find the support they need to venture out in pursuit of their own dreams.
Greta Rossi, Co-founder of Akasha Innovation

Ākāśa Innovation is a not-for-profit social enterprise and home to a collective of sensemakers and changemakers who work together to prepare, inspire and empower sustainability leaders of today and tomorrow to create a world for all life to flourish in.