SomewhereTo_ featuring: Mous
3 May 2015 - Impact Hub

SomewhereTo_ featuring: Mous

Somewhereto_ is a nationwide platform to free urban event and studio spaces, unusual venues and rehearsal studios for 16-25 yr olds. Somewhereto_ supports young people to communicate their ideas and enterprises, helping them achieve their goals and inspire others.
Impact Hub Islington linked up with Somewhereto_ and was blessed with hosting Mous – a team of the most passionate, crazy, and talented young entrepreneurs on the block! Mous created the Mous Musicase – the world’s smallest protective iPhone case that incorporates headphones.
Here’s their story…
We entered the SomewhereTo competition, a competition for workspace with no expectations – but came out with an expanded network, an awesome place to work and our business in a much stronger place. Impact Hub Islington has been the essential base we needed to bring routine into our business lives – an essential for any growing business.
The environment at the workspace is great; not only as a place for a routine but also a valuable collection of other businesses with room for collaboration. We’ve worked with other start-ups in the space to bounce of branding ideas, we’ve worked with a top notch graphic designer who designed our packaging and instructions and made full use of the international culture for translation work!
Atop the very tangible input other members of the community have brought, other business aid has come in the form of friends! The one thing you never expect when starting up a business is how lonely things can get – being in an environment that acts as a hub for such minds enables you to bounce of the struggles you have with manufacturing in China, your struggles in engaging social media content and much more. More importantly, we’ve now got contacts we intend to keep in touch with as we continue to grow our businesses.
We’re extremely grateful to SomewhereTo and Impact Hub Islington – you’ve truly transformed our business, supporting young entrepreneurs in a way most won’t. Thank you!
James Day & James Griffith
Founders of Mous