EARTHtalks Connect: London
13 May 2015 - Impact Hub

EARTHtalks Connect: London

Guest blog from Greta Rossi, Akasha Innovation

The news this week that carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere have topped 400 parts per million is a significant and troubling milestone for climate change. This is yet another sign of the larger crisis of consciousness we face together. When asked for an appropriate response to this crisis, the Zen Buddhist teacher Thích Nhất Hạnh answered: “What we most need to do is to hear within us the sound of the earth crying.” The likes of Dr. Mick Collins have also suggested the need for us to realise our interconnection with all life of the planet. An important step for this awareness is to bring people together and start dialogues to help make sense of these complex issues and inspire action on behalf of the earth. It is with these intentions that Ākāśa Innovation has partnered with NEONGREEN NETWORK to bring the EARTHtalks to London.

What are the EARTHtalks?

The EARTHtalks are an information and networking initiative born out of civil society in Vienna back in 2008. Each year the event brings together NGOs, social entrepreneurs, public institutions and interested members of the public and engages them in dialogue with national and international guest-speakers from the scientific community, environmental NGOs, politicians and civil society. Over the past seven years, the EARTHtalks have grown to become the environmental event in Austria with over 700 guests, hosting speakers such as Vandana Shiva, Bianca Jagger and Polly Higgins. If you are curious to know more about it, why don’t you check the “Best of 7 years of EARTHtalks” trailer video?

What is the EARTHtalks Connect: London?

EARTHtalks Connect: London is the first step towards a new idea for climate-friendly climate conferences. The event in Vienna will be live streamed for an audience in London. We will hear from Dr. Robert Bullard, professor, author, activist and the father of environmental justice and Sarah Wiener, TV cook and activist for “Save our Soils”. We will also host a special live keynote in London with Mac Macartney, public speaker, author and founder of Embercombe. We will close the talks with an organic buffet reception.

Join the EARTHtalks Connect: London 2015

The EARTHtalks Connect: London will take place on 28th May 2015 at Impact Hub Westminster. We will kick off at 6:00pm BST and registration opens at 5:30pm. You can purchase your ticket here.
Or why not join our teams of volunteers as a space facilitator, buffet host, photographer, film-maker or graphic recorder? Please visit Here To Islington to find out all about the various opportunities and the unique perks they offer.
We hope you will join us for an inspiring evening.