Impact Hub Berlin: Inter-Hub Community Hackathon
2 September 2015 - Impact Hub

You can do it – put your HACK into it!
On Thursday 6th and Friday 7th August, Community Hosts, Catalysts and Activators from across the Global Hub network – including London, Austria, Sweden, Germany, Holland and Switzerland – joined forces in Hub Berlin’s brand spanking new Mehringplatz HQ.
Ok, so the meeting might not have super-powered, but this coming together for the 2015 inter-Hub Community Hackathon was still something super. Hosted by the dynamic duo of Vishal Jodhani (Community Catalyst, Hub Berlin) and Dusan Jankovic (Community Catalyst’s, Hub Vienna) – we set ourselves the aim of generating new ideas for building our member communities and reinvigorating the hosting process.
I know what you’re wondering. You’re wondering if Vishal and Dusan were the dynamic duo, then which one was Batman and which one Robin? But what you might ALSO be wondering is how we set out to achieve these aims over the course only two days.
Well, through a series of lively discussions, group hacks and collective sharings, we looked into everything from the on-boarding and induction process, community events, programs and partnerships and communications. Underpinning all of this was the desire to maximise value for our members and create opportunities, which would allow them to grow, develop and expand.
One question that kept cropping up was about our message. What is the most effective way of communicating Impact Hub’s shared values? How do we enable the members in our community to engage to collaborate? How do we harness the skills and talents of our members to create an integrated platform for sharing and development?
So, on Day #1 we busted out the post-it notes, got creative with some marker pens and filled sheet after A3 sheet with spider-diagrams and idea-bubbles (or badly drawn, misshapen circles. Shapes are hard) to get our creative juices flowing. Our aim was to unlock new ways of working. Brainstorm fresh, creative ideas for nurturing the talent within our communities. Formulate strategies for forging stronger relationships with our members.
The on-boarding and induction process was central to this. We marked this area out early as a fundamental
On Day #2, we moved on to case studies. We wanted to share stories, exchange tips and give voice to any frustrations or obstacles that might be holding us back in our own roles.
Now, as the timeworn cliché goes – Rome wasn’t built in a day. Or, in this case, two very hot, sweltering days in the capital of Beer and Bratwurst. There is still work to do. But these sessions provided a vital booster shot of energy, creativity and imagination for reconsidering our roles as Community Hosts and building our communities. Above all, we wanted to challenge ourselves and re-think some of the key areas that directly inform our interaction with members.
Lee – Hub Islington Community Host