New Intern: Robert Lindberg
2 October 2015 - Impact Hub

New Intern: Robert Lindberg

It’s an old warehouse.
I thought, well of course, as I stood face-to-face with the home of Impact Hub Islington for the first time. I wasn’t surprised that a hub with lots of of social entrepreneurs would be environmentally conscious and use an existing building for an innovation lab/business incubator/community workspace. I walked up the stairs with an excitement of what I would find, you know, all that anticipation.

Hub picture kitchen

And yes…

I was met by a landscape of people working creatively and diligently with their businesses. Equipped with coffee cups and tea mugs, they sat around upcycled tables in an open, breathable workspace. Here was a relaxed modern way of working; an environmentally conscious workplace, accessibility to collaboration, feedback from staff & members, as well as chances to interact with each other over cooking and various leisurely activities. I really hope the modern ways of Impact Hub is something that other workplaces in London will take after.

Who am I you might ask? Well I’m not Robin Hood, but I always dreamt of it as a child (when I wasn’t doing my homework!). My name is Robert Lindberg, I am from Sweden, although born from a mixed cultural heritage; Scandinavia meets the Middle East.


I have a background in Arts & Culture and have lived the artist’s life for many years. In recent years I have written fiction, with a focus on short-stories also perform these stories akin to Spoken Word. My most recent work is a social enterprise called Sustainable Personality. Here I expose narrow societal norms, strict gender roles and other life patterns that hinder progress for a healthy society, personal growth and a humane living. I trace the root cause of negative life patterns and show how it affects us in daily life. As I want to reach a broad public range I turned my writing into Whiteboard animated videos (ok, many in color too) that are accessible for everyone to watch.

I came to London to do my internship and business exchange with the Impact Hub Islington and learn how to run a business. I will also try to get my work out, so maybe you will see my face around.

Have a continued lovely day and please take care.