Merry Christmas & Thanks for an amazing 2015!
21 December 2015 - Impact Hub

Thank you all for an amazing 2015.

So much has happened, it’s incredible! Snippets include…

Katie had a beautiful baby. Morgan built bridges in India. Positive News did an amazing Community Share offer and raised over £260,000, Salt launched their fantastic compassionate business magazines and we’re all addicted, Andy got the whole Hub being mindful and focussed, Rabble got us all into a rowdy crowd at the summer party, Dr Emily got her PhD, Hidden City got us all looking for Moriarty, Julia and Ishoo joined us and Lee’s theatre work took off, some amazing new members joined and we ate a whole lot of salad….and it was pretty sexy.
The internet was funny….but we smashed it and now we’re rocking fibre optic! We got events and members on the walls, the map mural went up and we carried a whole lot of bags of pellets up those stairs.
And hanks to all who came to celebrate with us at the Christmas party on Friday. We’ve uncovered some enormous hidden talents in our community with singing, mulling and Santa belly-twisting…

Looks like we have a clear winner for the Santa contest whilst the Rockaoke band sets up
Serenaded by Sarah from The Power of Uke 
And gorgeous facepaint and festive earrings for all!
Holiday closure

We will be closed from 1pm on Wednesday, 23rd December and re-open on 9am on Monday, 4th January. We recommend you all join Paul Singh’s leave-your-work-at-the-Hub-Xmas-break campaign*…
Can’t wait to see you in 2016!
In festive socks and jumpers.

Annette, Debbie, Ishoo, Jennifer & Julia