Meet our new Wednesday Member Host – Lily Chong!
17 January 2016 - Impact Hub

Introducing Lily Chong

Hello, I’m Lily and I want to see a world of social businesses, where innovative ideas and solutions are supported and the world flourishes. I’m filled with curiosity and have a thirst for learning, it never stops.
I’m a corporate escapee, a commercial & sale director, social enterprise consultant, a coach, a marathon runner and masseuse, I’ve always enjoyed working out what motivates people, their barriers, knots and challenges the status quo. I see opportunities and potential everywhere. I love to find out where it hides and help unlock that from within.
I’m currently working on my company, The Fourth Sector, We aim to expand the opportunities within the Social Enterprise sector, connecting talented professionals and social entrepreneurs. Our forthcoming event –  Start Up | Stay Up Social Enterprise Conference, 25-26 April 2016, London, may well be relevant to many of you. I also founded the Social Enterprise Meet Up, we meet monthly and anyone is welcomed to join.
Becoming a community host at Impact Hub Islington was like finding a place to live. The instant I walked in, it felt like home. And home is where the people you love live. To find people who share similar values and familiar language instantly made me feel welcome and comfortable, so thank you!  I will enjoy getting to know you all over time. In the meantime, if I can be of assistance or help with anything at all, just give me a shout!

Lily Chong
Member Host on Wednesdays from 2 – 6:30 PM