Forbes 30 Under 30 European Social Entrepreneurs
25 January 2016 - Impact Hub

Forbes 30 Under 30 European Social Entrepreneurs

We are thrilled to see friends from around the Impact Hub network who have made the Forbes 30 Social Entrepreneurs under 30 Europe 2016 list in Europe!

Special congratulations to Impact Hub Kings Cross members Speakset and eSolidarImpact Hub Amsterdam member Judith Joan Walker from African Clean EnergyImpact Hub Berlin’s Ekaterina Karabasheva of JourvieImpact Hub Athens‘ Startupboat.euBlindShell UI of Impact Hub Praha, and Impact Hub Madrid‘s Aprendices Visuales for being recognised as a changemaking social entrepreneurs.
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Adi Kasliwal, 26; Ewan Marshall, 28; Matthew Simmonds, 26
Co-founders, Speakset
Impact Hub Kings Cross
Just out of University, Marshall was living with his grandparents in London and enrolled in the Entrepreneur First accelerator with co-founders Kasliwal and Simmonds. Together they developed an easy-to-use device that would be an easy way for older people to video chat through their TV. Later iterations have allowed doctors to communicate with their homebound patients. SpeakSet has had funding to date of nearly $650,000 and is focused on expanding in the healthcare sector.
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Judith Walker, 26
Co-director of African Clean Energy
Impact Hub Amsterdam
Air pollution from indoor cooking fires – carbon monoxide, black carbon and smoke affects – affects African families the same way smoking cigarettes does, causing lung disease and cancer. African Clean Energy combats this issue with its clean energy biomass cookstoves (also popular with campers) that decrease fuel dependence and smoke.
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Ekaterina Karabasheva, 26
Founder, Jourvie
Impact Hub Berlin
Karabasheva’s experience as an anorexia patient inspired her to build Jourvie, a smartphone app offering established treatment techniques like food diaries and motivational strategies for people with eating disorders to use during their recovery process. Since launching in 2015 Jourvie’s been downloaded over 10,500 times and has around 1,500 users.

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Peter Svobodnik, 27
Co-founder, BlindShell UI 
Impact Hub Praha
Blindshell allows people with visual impairments to use touchscreen smartphones with ease. It’s now distributed in eight countries.
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Paula Schwarz, 25
Impact Hub Athens
Schwarz has developed several projects to help solve the current migration crisis in Greece. As co-founder of Startupboat, first formed with the help of more than 60 entrepreneurs from companies like Facebook and Index Ventures, she’s helped launch Migration Hubs, a service to integrate migrants into the workplace and society across Europe, and X Fund, a fundraising platform that will launch at the World Economic Forum this year – just a few of the social initiative she’s worked on.
Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 10.20.06Amelie Mariage, 24; Miriam Reyes, 29
Co-founders, Aprendices Visuales
Impact Hub Madrid
After Reyes’ cousin was diagnosed with autism, she created a book of illustrations to help him learn to use the restroom on his own — it worked. Aprendices Visuales (Visual Learners) understands children with autism learn at their own pace, and they provide the free materials to do it. Since launching in 2012, AV has had more than 50,000 downloads of their apps and 300,000 reads of their e-books.
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Marco Barbosa, 28
CEO, eSolidar
Impact Hub Kings Cross
Solider makes it easy for charities to fundraise online. On eSolidar’s web platform. charities can host online auctions and sell products to raise money. Launched in 2014, they now support more than 500 charities and have had more than 40,000 users.