Introducing new Monday member host – Nikki Levitan!
15 February 2016 - Impact Hub

Introducing Nikki Levitan!

Nikki is an empowerment coach and founder of Community of Opportunity. She has recorded an exclusive short podcast to introduce herself!
Nikki is also offering free coaching sessions on her hosting day every Monday between 2pm-6.30pm. You don’t need to have a ‘problem’ to benefit from coaching, sometimes it’s just good to have a chat! Come and find Nikki by the host desk and she’ll be very happy to tailor a short session to your needs.
Here is how coaching may help you:
* Getting clarity when you’re feeling stuck
* Being more focused and aligned
* Exploring values, visioning, what drives you….
* Having a sounding board for your idea and vision
* Exploring what is limiting you
* Learning some great life skills
Member host on Mondays 2-6:30pm