Introducing our new Thursday member host – Mayan Patel!
18 February 2016 - Impact Hub

​Introducing Mayan Patel

Hello, I’m Mayan and delighted to join the community @ Impact Hub Islington.

I’m a digital marketer and front end web developer who helps responsible businesses with their online presence and achieve their marketing goals. I’m also a group facilitator combining mindfulness, embodiment and creative tools to help people be more effective, express themselves and have better relationships.

When I first heard of Impact Hub I was immediately drawn in by the concept. What better way to create the world we want to live in that create a culture of support and expertise.

In my previous roles in the social enterprise sector I was inspired by all the warm and talented people I met, so the idea of assisting at Impact Hub was a no brainer. I have lived in communities and really value the quality of relationships in my life.

I want to see a world of ethical and successful businesses who invest heavily in their relationships with their workers, communities and the planet.

Looking forward to meeting you all,

Member Host on Thursdays from 1:30pm – 5pm