Sexy ideas – Favourite comedians
10 March 2016 - Impact Hub

Sexy ideas – Favourite comedians

Every Thursday lunchtime at Hub Islington we get together over sexy salad. We rustle, chop and nourish ourselves with leafy goodness for a community gathering. And we use the stream of vitamins to get our brains into top form – and reap the fruits through crowdsourcing ideas!
This week we talked about our favourite comedians. Is your favourite comedian not in the list? Add your recomendations in the comments below!

Stuart Lee 

Louis CK
Martin Scorsese’s film starring Robert De Niro – King of comedy

Greg Davies

Rowan Atkinson

Frank Vam (danish)

TV – Seinfeld

Bill Bailey

Dara O’Briain

Dave Chappelle

Michael Mcintyre

Tig Nataro

Aziz Ansari

Jermaine Clement (Flight of conchords) –  Mockumentary on Vampires – “What we do in the shadows”

David Mitchell

Josie Long  –

Becky Luff