Sexy ideas – Best recipes
17 March 2016 - Impact Hub

Sexy ideas – Best recipes

Every Thursday lunchtime at Hub Islington we get together over sexy salad. We rustle, chop and nourish ourselves with leafy goodness for a community gathering. And we use the stream of vitamins to get our brains into top form – and reap the fruits through crowdsourcing ideas!
This week we exchanged our favourite recipes. Starting to feel hungry while I’m typing this up…
Imam Baildi: Greek aubergine dish
Moroccan salmon: with lemon and green olives
Wok (freestyle): with noodles, fresh veg, fish and ginger
Creative wraps: using taco wraps to make a delicious melted cheese chicken wrap with aubergines and Korean spices
Spanish lentils: topped with cream cheese and spinach
Moroccan risotto: with pine nuts, cinnamon and sultanas topped with cheese
Miso aubergine: grilled!
French in a Flash: crispy salmon with lentils topped with creme freche
Roasted cauliflower: served with sushi wine vinegar and rice
Fried beetroot with curry: served with basmati rice
Depression cake: vegan, gluten free, easy to make and SO deliciously moist!
17 March