Town Halls for Social Change Pt. 3
4 April 2016 - Impact Hub

Town Halls for Social Change Pt. 3

Our vision for the Town Hall model

This is the second instalment in a 3 part series about the future visioning of Impact Hub by co-founder Indy Johar and the wider Impact Hub Birmingham team. Together we are re-imagining the future of work and how we impact our wider communities.

Our ambition with the Town Hall model of the Hub is to combine these three architectures of change and to attempt to reimagine the Town Halls of the future as a new home for change, focused on unleashing the collaborative power of us, in towns, cities and neighbourhoods across the UK and abroad.
This Town Hall needs to combine the best of a co-working lab, civic accelerator and social impact financing platform – powered by an agile understanding of collective impact – to create a new class of civic institution.
This Town Hall needs to be focused on responding to the needs of our collective reality; a context driven by complex and wicked social challenges and opportunities at the levels of cities and towns – from rising levels of income inequality to diverging children’s outcomes.
This Town Hall needs to respond to a reality in which we increasingly recognise that meaningful output and real change is a product of complex multiple interactions between many many actors across all the “sectors” and domains.
This Town Hall needs to respond to a reality which requires us to also deeply acknowledge our emergent, complex, interdependent reality; a reality made by a democracy of many actors, which cannot be confidently sidestepped or sidelined with the illusion of heroic leadership or a great strategy.
This is a future we are prototyping in Birmingham and other cities across the world. It requires us to reimagine our Impact Hubs as Town Halls, as complimentary institutional infrastructures, not for democratically governing change but as places for democratically and openly also co-creating society – a model of change fit for the 21st Century and a world of complex wicked challenges and opportunities.
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