Dami Fajobi: 8 reasons to choose Impact Hub Islington
25 April 2016 - Impact Hub

8 reasons to choose Impact Hub Islington

Dami is a 2016 fellow on the social innovation graduate programme Year Here. Dami is the first graduate to leave the University of Manchester with a degree in Spanish and Japanese. During his studies he spent a year living in Tokyo, where he also volunteered his time to teach English to the elderly. He was placed at Langdon Park School as a learning mentor and went on to produce a series of youth social entrepreneurship taster workshops at the Arsenal stadium as part of a Europe-wide project.

My name is Dami, I’m currently studying as a Fellow on the post graduate programme Year Here. Last year in September, after leaving the world of Financial Services Recruitment behind, I began my journey on the programme which aims to help graduates and young professionals make there first steps into the world of social innovation. The first phase of the course saw me gaining Front-line work experience teaching and mentoring students in a Secondary school in East London. Fast forward 5 months to March 2016, and I found myself tasked with the mission of carrying out a 6 week long project for the EU, in collaboration with Impact Hub Islington. The experience has been nothing short of an exciting, inspirational, and at times stressful rollercoaster ride that I would ride again.
As such here’s a short list of some of the main things I learnt about the wonderful workspace that helped me turn my impossible 6 week brief into a success.

  1. It’s beautiful.

    Admittedly this may not seem like the most important point to highlight, but it is true nonetheless. Well-lit, welcoming and warm, in spite of being spread out across just one floor, there is an inescapable charisma and charm about the Hub. The exposed, interior brick walls, unusual yet intriguing curved desks and intermingled potted plants are just some of the things that help give it its inviting and attractive appearance. But don’t just take my word for it; it’s definitely worth paying a visit and seeing for yourself.

  2. It breeds productivity.

    It was definitely mentioned once or twice whilst in the Hub, and even expressed to a few people when I wasn’t even there, “I don’t think I’ve ever been more productive than whilst working in the Hub” Whether it’s the spacious, curved work desks, the zashiki style benches by the window, or the adult crèche nestled away in the corner, there is a space in the Hub waiting for you to call it your own, where you’ll feel comfortable enough to get stuck into your work like there’s no tomorrow.

  3. It cultivates collaboration.

    As clichéd as it might sound; a large part of the beauty of the Impact Hub lies in the people it attracts as members. One day you could find yourself sat next to a team starting up an ethical brand of swimwear, sourced directly from Mexico, and the next you could be sat opposite a food waste photographer and campaigner. Finding out what people are working on and telling them what you’re up to is just part of life at Impact hub. And it’s amazing how useful these new connections can be.

  1. The Hosts.

    It’s simple but extremely effective, and just adds to the atmosphere and culture of Impact Hub; having host members who as well as working on their own projects, are in charge of welcoming new members and helping keep people up to date on any events taking place throughout the day.

  1. They do lunch very well.

    Tuesdays and Thursdays are a must. Not to give to much away, but you could be forgiven for thinking that a decent cooking ability was a prerequisite for becoming a Impact Hub member. Involving falafel, some ‘sexy salads’ and a lot of fun and interesting discussions, lunchtime at Impact Hub Islington is definitely reason enough to sign up and get involved.

  2. Location, location, location.

    Aside from the slightly challenging flights of stairs you have to climb to reach Impact Hub Islington (these can just be viewed a free workout), it couldn’t really be in a better location without actually being attached to Angel Tube Station.

  1. It’s more than just a Hub.

    Part co-working space, innovation lab and business incubator, the Impact Hub is a different thing to every member. One word that comes close to explaining it is ‘community’. Bringing together socially conscious members; whether they’re computer programmers, facilitation experts, youth workers or designers, the Impact Hub is a place where businesses come to spread their wings and find support. Where people come to learn and share new skills and ideas, build support, be inspired and grow.

  1. They really care about you.

    “What do you need?” This was the discussion topic being answered during a customary Thursday lunchtime, Sexy Salad session. And this was when it became apparent just how important member satisfaction and enjoyment is at Impact Hub Islington. Debbie, the stand in community host for the day simply said, “My needs are whatever needs you guys have”. And just like that it was clear. If there’s a way to help improve your time at the Hub, chances are there will be someone on hand to help make it happen.


Dami Fajobi
2016 Year Here Fellow
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