Sexy ideas – What is your personality type?
28 April 2016 - Impact Hub

Sexy ideas – What is your personality type?

Every Thursday lunchtime at Impact Hub Islington we get together over Sexy Salad. We rustle, chop and nourish ourselves with leafy goodness for a community gathering. And use the stream of vitamins to get our brains into top form and supercharge our workday.
Today we fell into a conversation deciding what kind of fruit we most liken ourselves to. Although ridiculous, what followed was a lunch of satisfying laughter, passionate suggestions and emphatic head nodding. After just one round everyone felt warmer and more receptive.
Take a moment to ask yourself. What kind of fruit are you? (This could just be this moment.) And, most importantly, why? 

Personality types

Personality types and psychometric testing are fascinating (and addictive). Having a particular lens or model to look at ourselves fosters intrigue into the nature of our behaviour and also provides an insight into the experience others may have of us. Although their scientific basis can vary, so treat them with a pinch of salt, as a model rather than some kind of ‘truth’!
They are often used in hiring processes and for learning and development outcomes, shedding some light on our motivations, interests, values and behaviour. Both personal and professional relationships can be improved with deeper knowledge about ourselves.
There are some drawbacks to note, however:

  • Some psychologists dismiss the idea of personality, arguing that much behaviour is context-specific.
  • The environment plays a crucial role in things like job performance. (Consider how your productivity at a warm, friendly and creative place like the Hub can improve…)
  • In the context of hiring there is an incentive to present oneself in a favourable manner. So self-reported responses can have people picking answers best fitting of an ideal character and therefore be less accurate.
  • The mood you are in whilst you do a test can skew results!
  • People can consider tests more valid if they receive results they like.

Curious to try it out? Here are some suggestions, from serious to ridiculous…

Which are you?

1) Quora – Links to Free online Myers Briggs tests
2) Online Enneagram test
3) The Harry Potter Sorting Hat Quiz or the official version over on Pottermore (requires sign up)