Islington Summer Party 2016: Get Your Uke On!
8 August 2016 - Impact Hub

Islington Summer Party 2016

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Every summer Impact Hub Islington celebrates at Highbury Fields for drinks, nibbles, games, songs, stories, jokes, laughter long into the night. This summer included special guest Power of Uke! Our Hubbers recount their favourite stories from the evening (or at least, the ones they can remember!).

“My favourite moment was when Vamory arrived with his twins on bike. And from the other end of the park arrived Rob and Ollie on bikes, James appeared with a matching helmet, and Chris rocked up with his beach chair. A couple members from the Hub Kings Cross even dropped in, and the party was ready to start!” – Julia, Impact Hub Islington


“This is Power of Uke. We had a huge circle of ukulele beginners and we learned how to play “Umbrella” by Rhianna. Will brought his guitar skills – funny to see him play the ukulele like a guitar. Beautiful harmonies produced.” – James, Three Aims


“Joyful connections! The Impact Hub Islington summer party was so much fun. It was a good time to connect in a free flowing way without interrupting people from work. My favourite moment was when we did a three-legged race and we won. Great snacks.” – Andy, Zen @ Work


“I liked how we let go of everything and played like children. It was really nice interacting with everyone. I loved the ukulele playing where we ended up writing a song together, starting from nothing.” – Cora, Connect Inside Coaching


“I think this game was meant to be done differently, I almost dislocated my arm. Had a great time though!” – Rob, Future Advocacy

The amazing team of dedicated helpers, who not only climbed the stairs back up to the Hub carrying all the bottles left unopened after several glasses of pimms in the park, but carried on with the party once the job had been done…

“The mojitos were delicious. It was very relaxed, I loved it.” – Vamory Traore, Developer

Thanks to everyone who came and partied with us. Stay tuned for next year’s summer jams, and if you’re really hankering for some Impact Hub Islington #HubLove in the meantime – come stop by and visit us!