How do we want to be at 27 Dingley Place?
5 September 2016 - Impact Hub

How do we want to be at 27 Dingley Place?

We kicked off the conversation around our new home with a question about culture and values. Before we start thinking about doing stuff in the new place, we were curious to explore how we want to be as a community – and also what we might want to become as we grow into this new opportunity?
At Impact Hub Islington, we really value culture. It makes this place who we are collectively. Every single Hubber plays a part in keeping it alive – without it, we’d just be a co-working space.
So we started with a harvest of the things we love the most about the culture at Impact Hub:
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With that in mind, we zoomed out of the Hub and looked at the world around us. What concerns do you have about what’s going on in the world at the moment? And then, how do you see these things manifest themselves around you here in London?
Having connected with the things close to our heart both in relation to our community and the world around us, we shifted gear, closed our eyes and tried to imagine how we would bring this into our new home. This was an invitation to dream and leave ‘practical’ constraints at the door for now.

Because if we can’t dream it, it won’t be on our radar.

So imagine…
It is two years in the future. Impact Hub Islington is thriving at 27 Dingley Place, constantly working on new projects and ideas with its partners in ways that embody hope, community, connection, engaging people locally in the borough and also more widely, and addressing some of the wicked challenges of our time. It’s an incredible place – an astonishing example of what is possible when access to a public building is offered to organisations with a social mission to benefit the local and wider community.
Imagine entering the space. What do you see? What do you hear? What’s it like working here? How do you feel? What is going on around you? 
And finally – what are you doing? What is your role in this?
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There were some beautiful dreams:

  • A very open space, where we are finding out how we can help people who have fallen through the net but also inviting scared corporates walking through the door, sense of possibility
  • Support is available for people who are just starting out, a place that has more different types of organisations in different stages of their journey
  • A buzzy, busy space, which has people’s profiles on the wall that, rather than showing people’s skills and experience, highlight their vision for the future and their work.
  • A rain forest where people trust each other to experiment.
  • A vibe that is not dissimilar to now, which we want to keep! But a greater sense of collective creativity and experimentation, a place where people can try new ways of doing work.
  • The ground floor of Dingley Place as the floor of ideas, seeding new things, thinking about the future of work. The first floor as the floor where you make your ideas happen…
  • The same furniture, same vibe, collective creativity, harnessing our brain power around bigger issues.
  • A self-organising system, which is porous across both floors, lots of interaction and conversation and a massive community lunch!
  • A community that feels comfortable embracing its ‘spikey’ side to achieve bigger things; a community that feels comfortable engaging with difference, be it with the scared corporates, confused charities or local communities…

Our next session is on 6 September, when we’ll share our wildest ideas for 27 Dingley Place.
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