What's your wildest idea for 27 Dingley Place?
12 September 2016 - Impact Hub

What’s your wildest idea for 27 Dingley Place?

In the second event of our co-design series, we got together on 6 September and dreamed wildly about our move to 27 Dingley Place. We started by looking back at our last session on culture & values. If we took these elements into 27 Dingley Place, what would that look like?
Within a context of high social inequality (Islington is the fourteenth most deprived borough in England, with the second highest levels of child poverty in London), changes in the way people work (increasing self-employment and micro entrepreneurs), emerging non-hierarchical structures within organisations, value gained through non-monetary exchange (time banking for skills), changes in geopolitics (hello, Brexit!), an ageing population with huge wisdom and a desire for connection, and many other changes in the external environment…

Where does a place like Impact Hub Islington fit in?
How can we create something meaningful that is needed in the world?

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There were many ideas that emerged, some very concrete, some visionary & ambitious.
  • Doing more co-working rather than just co-sitting
  • Weekly stand-up ‘dragon’s den’ circles where you can share where you’re at and what you’re looking for
  • Running shared apprenticeship and work experience schemes whereby multiple people with irregular hours will be able to co-deliver a programme they wouldn’t be able to do on their own
  • Getting out of our own bubble
  • Addressing & befriending elephants in the room
  • Asking each other more challenging questions

We’ll be taking these ideas forward when we co-design our community hosting, events and partnerships strategy at 27 Dingley Place.
Stay tuned for our next session on 27 September, when we’ll get crafty with our visual identity...
Photo by Chris King | chriskingphotography.com