What's the style of 27 Dingley Place?
3 October 2016 - Impact Hub

What’s the style of 27 Dingley Place?

As part of our co-creative journey into our new home, we gathered to cut, draw, and collage ideas around about what we want 27 Dingley Place to look and feel like.
Building from our previous co-creation session on values, we asked our members: How do we translate our values visually, both in our physical and digital space? Physical space refers to our building, from the bricks & motor to the signage we see when we walk through the doors. Digital space refers to any of digital platforms – e.g. website, branding, brochures etc.
Each group put together a mood board based on what they imagined 27 Dingley Place to look like.
design style dingley place impact hub islington
creative style dingley place impact hub islington
planning style dingley place impact hub islington
presentation style dingley place impact hub islington
Scissors + glue + magazines = a whole lot of ideas… 

  • Informal gathering spaces, large / open enough to do exercise and meet in small groups (e.g. “for Pomodoros”)
  • Keep the blackboard aesthetic, quirky bathrooms 
  • The co-working space can b shabby chic / homey / creative workspace 
  • The meeting rooms should be more professional, ready for external clients
  • There should be a large, communal lunch table
  • Spaces for quiet, meditation or Skype calls
  • Showcase our community’s values through quotes & signage
  • Have a Host desk at the entrance of the building 
  • Ask the community to source objects, e.g. lamps, plates, and plants
  • Have DIY projects we can do together, like the courtyard 
  • Lots and lots of plants!

Our architect and space design team were listening and watching carefully to make sure these ideas are incorporated into the design process.
blueprint style dingley place impact hub islington
Next, we’ll convene on Tuesday, 25 October to talk about community building, and who we want to invite into our new home. Please join us!