Introducing Narrative Host Robert Holtom
10 October 2016 - Impact Hub

Introducing Robert Holtom

Hi, I’m Robert and I’ve just joined Impact Hub Islington as a Narrative Host.
But what does that even mean!?
Well, it’s got something to do with the fact that I’m a writer and dream of publishing a novel. The one I’m working on at the moment is all about a steam-powered, magical city that has just overthrown its nasty dictator and is struggling to establish a democracy (when I am feeling decidedly arrogant I describe it as Downton Abbey meets House of Cards with magic). The craft of storytelling fascinates me, especially how all the different bits – character, plot, detail, metaphor, pace – slot together to make something multi-sensory and emotionally engaging.
It is these skills I hope to bring to Impact Hub as I help the team develop their communications and tell the story of 27 Dingley Place. For me, a good story has relatable characters, be they human or other, a plot that gets you asking ‘what happens next’ and details that immerse you in the world of the story – the Hub has all of these in droves.
I work with other organisations including charities, universities and The School of Life. You can find out more here. I also blog a lot (a bit of politics, pop music and 21st century ‘issues’, not always safe for work though). Please do chat to me about anything really, especially plotting, I love plot. And hopefully soon I’ll be running some workshops on storytelling and writing.