Who do we want to invite to 27 Dingley Place?
31 October 2016 - Impact Hub

Who do we want to invite to 27 Dingley Place?

Moving to a new location means we are stepping into a new ‘field’. By this we mean a complex web of relationships, people, places, initiatives and ideas that already exist around us as we will be entering our new home.
We’d like to build on what’s already there, form new relationships and make a meaningful contribution to our new neighbourhood, so we got together this week to map out what’s ahead.
Community dingley place impact hub islington

We asked ourselves: Who do we already know in and around Islington? Who are we engaging with around different themes in our work? Who have we heard of but not made contact with yet? And who is missing from this map?
Ideas of who to invite included:
  • Social enterprise networks like NEON or UnLtd
  • Organisations looking at the Future of Work and the New Economy, like the RSA, NEF and Future Advocacy
  • Organisations that support wellbeing & learning for all, like Age UK and Communities of Opportunity
  • Local media in Islington, including newspapers, magazines, websites, and radio around the launch festival
  • Local politicians, including Councillors, MPs, local GLA members, and Emily Thornbury
  • Larger organisations who are interested in entrepreneurial and innovative ecosystems, like banks and credit unions

networking dingley place impact hub islington
The task was more challenging than we thought. Putting down names and types of actors on a big map on the spot doesn’t necessarily come naturally. It’s not something we are often asked to do, and whilst we got stuck at different points, we believe this map is a good starting point to be more conscious of what’s already there, how our presence will affect the people around us and help us be more intentional about the ways we engage with new visitors, partners, neighbours and members.
This is a living map, so keep reaching out to us if you have ideas!
Photos by Chris King | chriskingphotography.com