Dingley Place: Who, What, Where, When
5 December 2016 - Impact Hub

Dingley Place: Who, What, Where, When

Time for the practicalities. We’ve been dreaming, brainstorming, and designing our new space, but what about the nuts and bolts?

When are we moving?

End of January 2017.

Where are we moving? 

We are moving to Impact Hub Islington, 27 Dingley Place, EC1V 8BR.

Are membership tariffs changing?


Will incoming post automatically be forwarded to the new address?

We’ll continue to pick up post from Torrens Street and bring to Dingley Place through the end of February, however, we encourage you not to rely heavily on this service as postal delivery to Torrens Street is not always perfect. See end of this post for “Changing My Company’s Address”.

What happens to my storage box?

We’ll provide boxes for you to pack up your things at end of January. All boxes will labelled and we’ll bring them to 27 Dingley Place. We will have lockable storage available at our new location. 

What happens to my post box?

We will have postboxes available at 27 Dingley Place.

What happens to my key?

We’ll ask you to return your key to the host desk at end of January. Any key deposit you paid will be credited to your account. 

Will the opening hours change?

We’re not planning any opening hours changes at this point, until we’re settled in. The hours will at least be the same as they are now, Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 6:30 PM. 

Can we bring a housewarming gift?

Bring us a lovely mug to add to our collection – as we will have several tea points throughout the space. The quirkier the better – we know you have those unloved mugs at the back of your cupboard, let’s give them a good home.

Can I bring a friend?

Yes, please bring your friends to the new space! We will continue to offer free trial days for all new members and we encourage everyone to help us expand our community.

Can I help with anything else, like DIY?

Yes, everyone is welcome! Get in touch with [email protected] if you want to help. We’ll be buidling tables, storage, and generally getting our new house in order for January 2017. We can always use an extra pair of hands, just ask.

Changing My Company’s Address

You’ll need to tell Companies House (or the Charity Commission), HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), your bank, and any clients who send you post, that your business address is changing. If you want to buy yourself some more time, you could sign up for RoyalMail’s Business Mail Redirection service.
Companies House
For Limited Companies, Limited Partnerships (LLP), Community Interest Companies (CIC)

Charity Commission

Use the Government Gateway (if you don’t already have an online account, you can create one). Make sure you’ve updated your address details for all of the taxes and schemes you’re registered for, including:

  • Corporation Tax
  • Self-Assessment
  • PAYE for employers
  • VAT (you must tell HMRC of changes within 30 days)

Your Bank
Some banks allow you to change your details online; others require a visit to your local branch. Here’s where to start with the most popular financial institutions:

These could include your mobile phone provider, magazine subscriptions, membership organisations, and business clients. Some addresses can be changed online, others will require a letter.