The Little Show Off presents: Goodbye 5 Torrens Street & Hub X-mas
12 December 2016 - Impact Hub

The Little Show Off presents: Goodbye 5 Torrens Street & Hub X-Mas

How can we even begin to describe the Little Show Off? It was a magical madcap cabaret, almost exclusively made up of performers from the wonderful community of Hubbers. We saw poets, musicians, dancers, comedians, performance artists, and a troupe of ukulele players take the stage – at one point, we even had someone explain the theory of relativity!
It was a night to remember and a fantastic way for us to say goodbye to Impact Hub Islington.
A sincere, and heartfelt thank you to everyone who has contributed to Impact Hub. You are our Hub family and we can’t wait to grow into our new home at 27 Dingley Place with you!
Enjoy photos of the evening, for those who weren’t there (or those who can’t remember all of it!)…

Goodbye 5 Torrens Street, let’s go out with a bang!


Member Host Izzy in fancy dress, a la cabaret Charlie Chaplin?
Member Host Rebecca is the glitter fairy
Vamory and his apprentice Cem sharing a holiday drinkunspecified-2
Behind the mask, it’s definitely Santa Claus


Sam takes the cake with the pink feather boa and sombrero fancy dress


Debbie looking fabulous in a pink boa
Orestes rocking the bass in our very own Hub jazz band
The Little Show Off must have Lucy Baker! Compere extraordinaire, this is the Hub personified


Debbie gets some musical facepaint from Emily


Getting crafty with the masksunspecified-15
Jennifer, Annette & Maria – a Hub London triounspecified-18
More and more guests pour in throughout the night
Lauren looks brilliant in her Christmas glassesunspecified-10
Debbie and Edmund, two old school Hubbersunspecified-11
Julia and Rebecca – our sparkly Hosts
Joost chatting with All Change, our future partners at 27 Dingley Place
Who doesn’t love Jerome’s Christmas jumperunspecified-17
Hands down the cutest facepaint (and couple)unspecified-20
Julia has transformed into a reindeer, can you spot her?unspecified-19
Party at Impact Hub Islington, we’re packed to the rafters
The Little Show Off kicks off! Calling all performers to the stage


Truly a magical evening. Thank you 5 Torrens Street.

Photos by Chris King |