Site Visit #4: Painting the ceilings
19 December 2016 - Impact Hub

As part of our community co-design of 27 Dingley Place, we’ve been running monthly site visits. Below are photos from our December 2016 site visit. Note: If you’re looking for photos from our November 2016 site visit, you can check out our Facebook page for the 360 degree shots by Chris Smith.
Thanks to our builders at Storm, the team at London Borough of Islington and Chris King for the beautiful photos.

unspecified-1The courtyard is a mess, but thumbs up – it’s all looking good. 
Follow us upstairs, let’s take the fire escape entrance to the back.
Here’s Gareth, our trusty site manager from Islington Council. 
The view is breathtaking! Somehow, our 2.5 height ceilings seem even taller today – it must be the fresh lick of paint.
Painted white brick walls, very Islington chic.


The Annex micro offices are coming along as well, with a layer of protective damp coating before the flooring goes on.
Fun flipping through plans and measuring the nooks & crannies of our future home.


We are ecstastic about next year – can’t wait to move into our new home at 27 Dingley Place.

Watch this space!
Photos by Chris King |