Debbie So: Goodbye Hub Islington!
21 December 2016 - Impact Hub

Debbie So: Goodbye Hub Islington!

Hi, I’m Debbie So – Head of Partnerships at Impact Hub Islington, and yes, the time has come – I’ve officially resigned from Impact Hub Islington and will be ending with this calendar year. It’s been 5 wonderful years, but I know it’s the right time to leave to pursue a career in design.

Highlights from 2011-2016:
  • Being part of the BEST & FIRST IMPACT HUB IN THE WORLD!
  • Building up our Member Hosting and Community Partners team
  • Innovations in youth entrepreneurship, including Hub Youth Academy and YES Alliance
  • Facilitating and co-designing our last two Impact Hub Global Gatherings
  • Onboarding and coaching new Impact Hubs across America, Latin America, EU and Africa
  • Finding our new home, 27 Dingley Place!
I truly do love the Impact Hub, and I am thankful for the opportunities, experiences, and friends that I’ve made during my time here. I owe a great deal to the organisation and I wish everyone all the best in future endeavours – I know it will be an exciting one.
Cue the photo roll…
What magic lies up those four flights of stairs at 5 Torrens Street? Impact Hub Islington since 2005, of course.
(2011-2012) Hosts with the Mosts busily answering phones and running the Hub
(2013) Hubbing it up with Member Hosts Kirsty & Ben
(2013) Celebrating the first cohort of Hub Youth Academy – 12 brilliant young social entrepreneurs
(2014 – 2015) Raising a glass to the Hub Summer Parties in Highbury Fields
(2016) To the best Impact Hub team there ever was… Annette, Julia, Jennifer, Ishoo & Cecila, I’ll miss you all!
(2016) Lots of hugs and smiles at the Goodbye 5 Torrens Street / Little Show Off cabaret
(2016) We did it! A new home for Impact Hub Islington at 27 Dingley Place.
(2016) Full of #HubLove for this global network, the makers, the members, and everyone along my Hub journey.