How to do an inter-Hub staff exchange – a practical guide
10 January 2018 - Impact Hub

Isabel from Impact Hub Zurich and Julia from Impact Hub Islington swapped Hubs and lives for two months in autumn 2017 (you can read about their experiences here). They have now put together a How to do an inter-Hub exchange handbook that details the process they went through to initiate, organise and monitor their exchange in order to get the most out of the experience.
The hope for this handbook is to inspire other Impact Hubs as well as organisations with connections abroad to engage in similar activities that can be tremendous opportunities for inter-organisational learning as well as personal and professional development.
This particular exchange was specific to the European context and the individual circumstances of the exchange staff and organisations, but it may nevertheless be a useful reference point for others attempting something similar.
So feel free to share, use and adapt it widely, and if you have any questions or comments, just drop Julia a line on [email protected]