And so the blogging begins…

I will start by giving you some facts. I am Holly. I host Hub Islington. The Hub provides physical and virtual spaces for social entrepreneurs to

23 July 2009 | Impact Hub
Start of the week…so full of potential….

Mondays are always a good day in the Hub. We look to the week ahead, plan what we will be working on, stat getting excited about who will be coming

27 July 2009 | Impact Hub
Members Stories from around the world

Each month, the Hosts from all the Hubs around the world, meet in a Skype call to discuss a current topic. It's a great opportunity to connect with

29 July 2009 | Impact Hub
Ciao, Hi, Hello, Salut, Hallo, 高い, 여보세요, مرحبا, Hola, Bonjour…

There are many languages spoken at the Hub and we celebrate them all. The Hub World team alone covers people of English, Swiss, Italian, German,

24 September 2009 | Impact Hub
How is the Hub going to survive the Winter?

Hub Islington can get very cold during the winter months however this year, we’re trying to do everything we can to make sure the space is as warm

27 October 2009 | Impact Hub
First day at the Hub..

On my first day at the Hub I received this message… Dear Colin, Please find your Hub membership attached. Everyone has a first day, a first thing a

30 October 2009 | Impact Hub
Keep on running…

A few of the Hubbers (and Host Holly lambert) are training for the Virgin London Marathon 2010 in April. We were really inspired by Debbie from Kids

10 November 2009 | Impact Hub
We look like this!

A wonderful day in the Hub. After getting help from Synnove (of glorious Hub World Tech Team, tech fame) we are now able to blog more quickly and

11 November 2009 | Impact Hub