Our Community Partners

We host spaces for conversation, collective exploration, prototyping and learning. We love to share our space with more people by providing discounted space in exchange for hosted content. Do you have a series of events you'd like to run at Impact Hub Islington? To be an eligible community partner, your community will:

  • Have a representative who is an active Impact Hub member
  • Meet on a regular basis
  • Resonate with our values
Interested in becoming a Community Partner? We'd love to hear from you so please get in touch!

Our Community Partners


All Change

All Change works to develop and promote the role of the arts in society by bringing artists and communities together to devel…

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Brainy Brunch

Ever wished you could do something more meaningful with your Sundays? The Brainy Brunch gives you the chance to eat together …

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Community of Opportunity

Community of Opportunity facilitates spaces for personal growth and self discovery through 1-to-1 coaching and workshops with…

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debbie warrener

Debbie Warrener

Debbie Warrener is a leadership coach and facilitator who works with groups and individuals - as well as with her own practic…

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The Fourth Sector

The Fourth Sector is a mission-driven consultancy, events and recruitment service business for talented professionals and soc…

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Good Women

Good Women is a free and open network for women interested in social change, across sectors, organisations and stages of life…

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Impact Hub Eco Series

Impact Hub Eco Series is a regular central London event series creating positive debate around the key national and internati…

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Robert Holtom

Narrative Coach and a writer training people, teams and organisations in the art and application of storytelling to enhance c…

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U.Lab: Transforming Business, Society, and Self. Delivered by MITx free of charge through the online platform edX (co-founded…

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Zen at Work

We at ZEN@Work are passionate about sharing the benefits of mindfulness. We believe it helps people to be happier, healthier,…

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Partner with Us

We believe a better world is created through collaboration. We welcome new alliances with businesses, individuals and networks looking to increase their social impact at Impact Hub.
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