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Adaptive Action: Improve workplace communication and team dynamics

Do you have team problems you just can’t seem to fix?

Does communication at work feel like it will never work well?

In this relaxed but action-focused event, you will identify practical next steps to take in tricky workplace situations such as tensions within teams, handling challenging relationships, collaborating with others, increasing team cohesion and improving communication.

Adaptive Action is a deceptively simple approach to solving problems and works at any scale: personal, group or organisational. It’s a brilliant framework for issues that don’t have a simple answer or that won’t just go away on demand.

We’ll work with you, in groups, on the issues that you bring. We’ll show you different ways of seeing your situation and help you identify what to do next to influence the situation for the better.

About Cocomotion:

Cocomotion is a think-and-do tank for organisations with a social purpose. Our network of qualified coaches and change agents brings an extraordinary range of experience and expertise to any scale of organisational issue.



May 15th
16:00 - 18:00
Entry fee FREE

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