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Better Collaboration Workshop

Have you ever had an idea that was then left unfinished because you couldn’t develop it alone?

Has is it been difficult to contact those people that you needed to carry it out?

Are you a fan of free knowledge?

Non-profit organisation Koii is building an online tool to ease the exchange of knowledge and bring the benefits of collaborative work to everybody. They are offering this workshop for free to the HUB network, because they’re interested in our feedback.

Via group exercises, the workshop aims to help you become aware of everything you need to take into account when carrying out a project and the easiest ways to organise collaborative work.

As well as giving you the chance to discuss the viability and possible benefits of a business idea you bring to the group, the session will cover:

Social Tagging: a flexible way of organizing content that stands as an alternative to hierarchical categorisations and that is based on cooperative bonds between people

Open Content Licenses: what are the most convenient open licenses for your projects, and how they can benefit us to create a freer society?

Workshops are free, and the only thing you need to bring is an idea of your own to develop with the help of other people. We are sure that you have a couple pinned on your inspiration board : )

To guarantee admission, be sure to register (for free) at www.bettercollaboration.eventbrite.com

Sep 27th
15:30 - 17:30
Entry fee Free

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