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BRAINY BRUNCH: Connected but alone?

We live in the age of connectivity with our smart phones, super fast broadband and ubiquitous social networking, but are we actually more connected or are we lonelier than ever?
In the future, will we lose the capacity to form meaningful connections to those around us, only able to achieve intimacy with our computer operating systems, as in the recent Spike Jonze film, Her. Or does the recent craze for mindfulness suggest that we’re seeing a backlash to attention-deficit modern culture and a wish to rediscover our connections with ourselves, with others and with the present moment?
This month’s Brainy Brunch we’ll take a look at how we form meaningful human connections in the modern digitalised world. As well as the usual inspiring talks, videos and a delicious brunch, we’ll try some mindfulness exercises and meditation in order to experience for ourselves a little of what is being claimed, whether fairly or not, as the panacea to the modern malaise.

Turn up with an open mind, full hearts and an empty belly!


Reserve your tickets here: connectedbutalone.eventbrite.co.uk

May 4th
11:30 - 14:30
Entry fee Free

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