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Creating a Digital Presence in under 10mins for under £10

Creating a Digital Presence in under 10 mins for under £10

Now, many Impact Hub members will have created their websites yonks back. But did they create them themselves? This workshops shows you how to quickly, cheaply and efficiently put together an appropriate website for your idea – creating email addresses, buying domains and setting them up.

Or maybe you deal with developers day to day but have little knowledge of code – if that’s the case, then you’ll surely know the feeling of when a developer tells you that what you’re asking is impossible and gives an incomprehensible reason why.

This is an opportunity to gain a sounder grasp on the foundations and limits of code and take a look at the common pitfalls and communication errors that occur between developers and us laymen (and therefore how to avoid them).

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Workshop Leader: Abizer Kapadia

Abizer (or Beez as he’s known to most) is a programmer by trade; however, he is no ordinary programmer – you won’t find him set on a desk focusing on code all day long. You’ll very much find him being vocal about everything beyond code. He has a skill for innovation and design, with in-depth knowledge of current and emerging web technologies. This knowledge includes Ruby, Python, Javascript, CoffeeScript, CSS, CASS, HTML5, Django and EventMachine. However, a big however – although he has this technology background, he is keen to enforce the idea that technology should be seamlessly interwoven into the solution, rather than the solution itself. He also has a passion for yoga, meditation and mindfulness

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Jul 22nd
13:00 - 14:00
Entry fee Free

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